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of course!
Tue Oct 6, 2015, 3:40 AM
Thanks so much for putting my art in your collection ! means so much to me thanks :) <3
Tue Oct 6, 2015, 2:56 AM
yay :D
Wed Sep 30, 2015, 4:58 AM
thank you always for all the lovely comments and favorites. you and you amazing work always encourage me to do my best.
Sat Sep 26, 2015, 8:51 PM
of course!
Mon Sep 21, 2015, 9:47 PM



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       I have 399 Deviations

       I'm Typhon. Welcome to my World of Monsters

My Comics

SEED OF HAMADRYAD by Dragon-King-TyphonBIRTH OF A NYMPH (SEED # 2) by Dragon-King-TyphonFAIRY BIRD OF SACRED EGGS  (SEED #3) by Dragon-King-Typhon
SONG OF SIREN AND HARPY (SEED #4) by Dragon-King-TyphonQUEEN OF PLANET MELINOE (SEED #5) by Dragon-King-TyphonCHTHONIC HYDRA (SEED #6) by Dragon-King-Typhon
FLOWER OF CENTAUR (SEED #7) by Dragon-King-TyphonSLEEPING OLYMPIANS WITHIN RHEA'S WOMB (SEED #8) by Dragon-King-TyphonFINAL BOSS: ECHIDNA  (SEED #9) by Dragon-King-Typhon

My Animated Greek Monsters

Helios by Dragon-King-TyphonSelene by Dragon-King-TyphonEos by Dragon-King-Typhon
Aphrodite by Dragon-King-TyphonDemeter by Dragon-King-TyphonHera by Dragon-King-Typhon
Centaur by Dragon-King-TyphonSatyr by Dragon-King-TyphonMinotaur by Dragon-King-Typhon
Hebe by Dragon-King-TyphonPlutus by Dragon-King-TyphonTriton by Dragon-King-Typhon
Nike by Dragon-King-TyphonHour by Dragon-King-TyphonPandia by Dragon-King-Typhon
Naiad by Dragon-King-TyphonHamadryad by Dragon-King-TyphonMuse by Dragon-King-Typhon
Nereid by Dragon-King-TyphonMaenad by Dragon-King-TyphonIris by Dragon-King-Typhon
Pleiad by Dragon-King-TyphonOread by Dragon-King-TyphonLampad by Dragon-King-Typhon
Harpy by Dragon-King-TyphonGorgon by Dragon-King-TyphonSiren by Dragon-King-Typhon
Hecate by Dragon-King-TyphonEris by Dragon-King-TyphonPersephone by Dragon-King-Typhon
Lamia by Dragon-King-TyphonEmpusa by Dragon-King-TyphonMormo by Dragon-King-Typhon
Poine by Dragon-King-TyphonSybaris by Dragon-King-TyphonPython by Dragon-King-Typhon
Kampe by Dragon-King-TyphonTyphon by Dragon-King-TyphonPhorcys by Dragon-King-Typhon
Ceto by Dragon-King-TyphonEchidna by Dragon-King-TyphonScylla by Dragon-King-Typhon
Medusa by Dragon-King-TyphonGraeae by Dragon-King-TyphonThoosa by Dragon-King-Typhon
Geryon by Dragon-King-TyphonPegasus by Dragon-King-TyphonChrysaor by Dragon-King-Typhon
Cyclops by Dragon-King-TyphonGigante by Dragon-King-TyphonHecatoncheir by Dragon-King-Typhon
Chimera by Dragon-King-TyphonSphinx by Dragon-King-TyphonOrthrus by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon Ladon by Dragon-King-TyphonHydra by Dragon-King-TyphonCaucasian Eagle by Dragon-King-Typhon
Crommyonian Sow by Dragon-King-TyphonCerberus by Dragon-King-TyphonColchian Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Golden Hind by Dragon-King-TyphonStymphalian Birds by Dragon-King-TyphonNemean Lion by Dragon-King-Typhon
Mares of Diomedes by Dragon-King-TyphonErymanthian Boar by Dragon-King-TyphonGeryon's Red Cattle by Dragon-King-Typhon
EAGLE OF ZEUS by Dragon-King-TyphonPythia, Oracle of Apollo by Dragon-King-TyphonHippocampus, Horse of Poseidon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Satyr of Hermes by Dragon-King-TyphonKhalkotaur, Bronze Bull of Hephaestus by Dragon-King-TyphonIsmenian Dragon and the Spartoi of Ares by Dragon-King-Typhon
Atlas by Dragon-King-TyphonPerses by Dragon-King-TyphonPrometheus and Epimetheus by Dragon-King-Typhon

My Pages

MONSTER OF HERA by Dragon-King-TyphonOWL OF ATHENA by Dragon-King-TyphonDARK HAMADRYAD by Dragon-King-Typhon
Athena by Dragon-King-TyphonPegasus by Dragon-King-TyphonManticore by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dove of Aphrodite by Dragon-King-TyphonAphrodite by Dragon-King-TyphonChimera by Dragon-King-Typhon
Faun by Dragon-King-TyphonNemean Lion by Dragon-King-TyphonHead of Medusa by Dragon-King-Typhon
Hera by Dragon-King-TyphonHarpy by Dragon-King-TyphonThuellai, Storm Winds by Dragon-King-Typhon
Podarge by Dragon-King-TyphonHydra by Dragon-King-TyphonSphinx by Dragon-King-Typhon

More of My Monsters

Dragonic by Dragon-King-TyphonCENTAURESS by Dragon-King-TyphonShooting Star by Dragon-King-Typhon
Birth of the Phoenix by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon Turkey by Dragon-King-TyphonCockatrice by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon Meal by Dragon-King-TyphonUltimate Dragon by Dragon-King-TyphonHydra by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon Egg by Dragon-King-TyphonDragula by Dragon-King-TyphonShivering by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon Egg by Dragon-King-TyphonApex Predator by Dragon-King-TyphonWild Fire by Dragon-King-Typhon
Wyrm by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon Bite by Dragon-King-TyphonValentine Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon of the Evil Egg by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon of Destruction by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon Burning a Village by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragon and Virgin Sacrifice by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon's Hoard by Dragon-King-TyphonWise Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Water Dragon by Dragon-King-TyphonFire Dragon by Dragon-King-TyphonElemental Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Dragonic Easter by Dragon-King-TyphonEarth Dragoness by Dragon-King-TyphonBlood Moon Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Volcano by Dragon-King-TyphonSea Dragon by Dragon-King-TyphonSleeping Dragon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Red Riding Werewolf by Dragon-King-TyphonDragon Werewolf by Dragon-King-TyphonTeumessian Fox by Dragon-King-Typhon
Griffin by Dragon-King-TyphonPhoenix by Dragon-King-TyphonManticore by Dragon-King-Typhon
Golden Fleece by Dragon-King-TyphonOphiotaurus by Dragon-King-TyphonHippalectryon by Dragon-King-Typhon
Fire Elf by Dragon-King-TyphonWater Mermaid by Dragon-King-TyphonHoney Fairies by Dragon-King-Typhon


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